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Hardcover – 240 pages – Almost from the moment the Cunard liner Lusitania was sunk by a German submarine in May 1915 controversy has surrounded her. Why did she sink so quickly? Had the liner been carrying munitions for the British? Did Winston Churchill allow the sinking in the hope that it might draw America into the war? Rumours of conspiracies and cover-ups still surround the liner.In 1993 Robert Ballard led an expedition to the wreck of the Lusitania off the coast of Ireland in search of the answers. Ballard #39;s conclusions are authoritative and provide a fascinating definitive account of what happened. lots more

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The Great War – The British Campaign in France and … The British Front in 1915. PREFACE. IN the previous volume of this work, which dealt with the doings of the British Army in France and Flanders during the year 1914, I ventured to claim that a great deal of it was not only accurate but that it was very precisely correct in its detail.

August | 2009 | | Page 2 Robert Ballard has dived on Britannic and regards her as one of the best preserved wrecks he has ever seen. Underwater pictures show her lying on her starboard side with the bow and stern sections generally in good shape.

1942 01 15 HMS Hesperus pasa por ojo al U-357 – A. Yu … The Bismarck was found by Dr Robert D. Ballard and his team had taken two years to discover the wreck of the Bismarck” “JFK”s boat is sank by a Japanese destroyer” “The Battle of Denmarck Straight”

Other Ships It had, in fact, nearly faded from the scene until the 1953 movie A Night To Remember came out and then, more recently, Dr Robert Ballard finally found her so it leapt back into the public’s imagination.

CLASSIC DIVING BOOKS – LIST for collectors. ROBERT BALLARD’S GUADALCANAL. Ken Marschall and Robert Ballard and Michael McCoy. Chartwell Books, USA, 2007. Ken Marschall and Robert Ballard and Michael McCoy. Chartwell Books, USA, 2007.

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Catalogue – Jean-Louis Boglio Maritime Books 30356 ALLISON, Robert J. THE CRESCENT OBSCURED: The United States and the Muslim world, 1776-1815 New York. 1995. O.U.P. 1st Ed. XVIII, 266 PP, plus 12 pages with 14 b/w illustrations.

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