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Daimler SP250 by Brian LongToday very much part of the classic car scene around the world the Daimler SP250 sports car has a fascinating and eventful history. The idea of staid and traditional Daimler building an open sports car is surprising enough in itself; that the car should be fibreglass-bodied V8-engined and have a daring futuristic appearance stretches credibility to the limit…but that s exactly what the company did produce between 1959 and 1964. A bold new design the Dart – as it was originally to be called – should have been struggling Daimler s saviour and a springboard to a range of new models including saloons and coupes. Things didn t quite work out that way and Daimler was acquired by Jaguar which led to the SP250 s Edward Turner-designed V8 engine being used in a Daimler-badged version of the Jaguar Mkll saloon. Here is the full story of the SP250 including concept development and production history. Also covered are related models specials buying and restoration chassis numbers production numbers colour schemes clubs and specialists. Altogether a source book of essential information for SP250 and Daimler enthusiasts.Daimler SP250 by Brian Long related info

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